The world is digital Everything is online And your password sucks With NAXIO you are your password Naxio allows users to automatically and seamlessly access digital assets
without needing to remember passwords, PINs, or other information
while retaining robust security and genuine user authentication.
How It Works

How It Works

Step 1 Step 1 Customize Your Device Open app - Choose security level - Establish user traits More Information Step 2 Step 2 Choose Your Functions Secure passwords, Wi-Fi devices, smart appliances, credit
cards, crypto wallets, banks accounts, cars, etc.
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Step 3 Step 3 Universally Connect and Relax Connect universally and passively so you'll never need to
remember another password, key fob, security code, or
account number again!
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About Naxio

The Digital Age has seen a virtual explosion of powerful connected devices which gather and store massive amounts of data. In addition, the development of the Internet of Things has resulted in new and previously unforeseen modes of communication and computing. The resulting multitude of smart devices has created an unprecedented and potentially dangerous cybersecurity atmosphere. Secure access is no longer merely a matter of local authentication.

Naxio allows users to utilize powerful cryptographic keys to replace notoriously vulnerable human-generated passwords. More than just a password manager, it continuously monitors user habits in order to verify genuine user activity and block malicious actors. Only Naxio has the solution to automatically distinguish between genuine and suspicious activity, resulting in elevated authentication requirements.

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